If you are looking for good cigarettes for the occasional and "club-smoker" Nat Sherman Fantasia would be the ideal choice. Save your precious time and order Nat Sherman Fantasia on our site. You will get high quality cigarettes manufactured in USA. They have enjoyable smoke. The cigarettes are pleasant as well as beautiful and extremely classy-looking.

Nat Sherman Fantasia are considered to be a very high-class cigarette. They are very light and airy and doesn't have a nasty scent while burning, nor do they leave a disturbing odor on smokers' fingers after smoking is finished. The unique colors and gold filters give you a feeling of a premium upper-class cigarette. Try it, you won't regret!

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Nat Sherman Fantasia

Nat Sherman Fantasia

Nat Sherman Fantasia
US Made Nat Sherman cigarettes   Made in: USA

1 carton $ 27.55
3 cartons $ 81.15 ($27.05 per 1 carton)
6 cartons $ 159.30 ($26.55 per 1 carton)

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