Cigarette brand Vogue cigarettes online appeared in 1932. Cheap cigaretts brand name belongs to the company British American Tobacco, which he inherited after the merger with Rothmans International in 1999. Vogue Filter and Vogue Menthol cheap cigarettes are initially positioned for a modern, stylish woman. They indisputably became the standard of women's cigarettes. In the minds of consumers Vogue cigarettes online are synonymies with sophisticated, self-confident woman. After all, for women it is important to not only the quality of order cigarette, but their appearance, and Vogue looks very elegant in a fragile female hand.

The brand had a lot of re-branding, but for now remain easily recognizable, the classic brand of women's smokes. Vogue cigaretts online have became an indispensable accessory for many women worldwide. Nice innovation was the emergence of sub-brand Vogue Arome. In their production of tobacco are applied in different flavors, which change the smell of cheap cigaretts smoke, making cigaretts online more enjoyable for the women's sense of smell. For Vogue Arome was specially redesigned costume with image flowing silk. In 2008 was launched sale of the new Vogue Ephemere in a package, designed by French designer Jean-Pierre Ollier. The new order cigarette exploded the market!

Smokers tell about these cheap cigaretts that it's a pleasure to hold in female hand a thin little white long sitting on the edge of the night sky and watch as the blue smoke disperses mist. They are so nice to feel dizzy, that makes you believe that going down from the window sill, you'll fall into the cool embrace of the wind, which, having created a body of a feather, lift high above the rescued quarters of the town and carry beyond the possible. They are feeble, and when the willies punches inside, you can smoke one, second, third... all is melting for a moment, and leaving only tender taste on the lips and dissolving mist. This is the best testimonial and best description for the cigaretts online, isn't it?

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