Nat Sherman Classic Menthol are cigarettes created for fans of "luxury" cigarettes. You can find on our site and enjoy smoking high quality Nat Sherman Classic Menthol cigarettes manufactured in USA. They come in a green box, the whole face of the box opens up, revealing 10 solid brown papered cigarettes lying lengthwise across the box, with a paper covering the bottom 10.

While smoking a Nat Sherman Classic Menthol cigarette the first thing you notice is a light sweetness, and it's wonderful. When you light it, it has the taste and aroma of a light tasting "Andes" chocolate mint candy! This truly mint flavored, not menthol. But the mint does not hide the quality of the tobacco! The tobaccos used in this cigarette are superb! Don't hesitate to try and enjoy smoking real menthol cigarettes.

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100 Nat Sherman Classic Menthol

100 Nat Sherman Classic Menthol

100 Nat Sherman Classic Menthol
US Made Nat Sherman cigarettes   Made in: USA

1 carton $ 33.65
3 cartons $ 97.95 ($32.65 per 1 carton)
6 cartons $ 189.90 ($31.65 per 1 carton)

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