The launch of Karelia Ome Menthol cigarettes was a true success both for the manufacturer and for consumers. Karelia Ome Menthol cigarettes naturally complete the Karelia Ome superslims range opening to smokers the choice of picking up what suits their tastes perfectly. Karelia Ome Menthol cigarettes are manufactured in European Union, coming in highly compact packs of 'lipstick box' format, which can easily fit into any purse or pocket.

High quality customized standards are applied in Karelia Ome Menthol cigarettes production; emphasize the key characteristics of the brand. High quality manufacturing environment and equipment is used to make Karelia Ome Menthol cigarettes, becoming successful high quality cigarettes. Karelia Ome Menthol cigarettes can be distinguished out of other Karelia Ome superslims cigarettes by green color in the design and cooling menthol taste in the smoke.

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Karelia Ome Menthol 200 Superslim Filter

Karelia Ome Menthol 200 Superslim Filter

Karelia Ome Menthol 200 Superslim Filter
EU Made Karelia cigarettes   Made in: EU

1 carton $ 28.65
3 cartons $ 82.95 ($27.65 per 1 carton)
6 cartons $ 159.90 ($26.65 per 1 carton)

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