Marlboro Light/ Gold Box White Filter cigarettes manufactured in Switzerland are now available in our store. These Marlboro cigarettes are basically the same as Marlboro Light/Gold 100 Soft with just one slightest difference that these cigarettes come with a stylish White Filter and a regular pack.

Having a rich and smooth taste due to their filter Marlboro Light/Gold Box White Filtered are in great demand among smokers all around the world. The filtered Marlboro cigarettes have a wonderful taste which is mild and easy due to incorporated Filter which reduces the harshness by giving a pleasant taste. Smoking gets more pleasant with Marlboro Light/Gold Box White Filter

Cigarettes. So don't hesitate order today the most popular cigarettes ever!

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Marlboro Gold Original

Marlboro Gold Original

Marlboro Gold Original
EU Made Marlboro cigarettes   Made in: EU

1 carton $ 61.64
3 cartons $ 183.42 ($61.14 per 1 carton)
6 cartons $ 363.84 ($60.64 per 1 carton)

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